It seems the And Simply Like That… writers do not really hate David Eigenberg.

Following the latest episode of the HBO Max sequence, author Roxane Homosexual questioned on Twitter, “On And Simply Like That, do they hate the actor who performs Steve? They’ve given his character not one good scene. He simply walks round yelling uttering absolute nonsense. It is weird. He was so pretty.”

Homosexual wasn’t alone in her criticism of the sequence’ therapy of the good-natured dad, performed by David Eigenberg. One other Twitter consumer added, “And Simply Like That has accomplished Steve so soiled GOOD LORD,” and this individual mentioned, “Not a fan of a lot of the choices on And Simply Like That…, however I actually hate what’s occurred to Steve.”

However present writers Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky inform Vanity Fair that Steve’s unhappy story line shouldn’t be motivated by spite. Quite the opposite, Zuritsky says, “Everybody on the present, each single individual, loves David Eigenberg as a human being.”

So why are they placing Steve (Eigenberg) via hell by making his perpetually grumpy spouse, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), cheat on him with Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) whereas he stays blissfully—or naively—unaware, along with giving him listening to loss? Effectively, Rottenberg and Zuritsky say that it is not about him—it is about Miranda.

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